Collaborative Technical Solutions has used Office Trailers for a Security Command Center and a Welcome & Credentialing Center. Installed for an oil terminal in East Africa, Collaborative Technical Solutions and Office Trailers customized the containers into an office environment.

Collaborative Technical Solutions


Office Trailer has been nothing short of stellar in helping bring our project to fruition. The initiative and responsiveness that they have shown, in addition to their willingness to provide us with valuable suggestions, welcome improvements, and alternative perspectives along our project development trajectory, has proven to us that they are more than a vendor; they are our partners for the long term.

Their delivery on quality, price, and exemplary service has ensured that we will not just achieve our targets, but that we will also exceed our value for money expectations and critical project deliverables. The Office Trailer offering goes beyond just providing superior technical input and skilled craftsmanship, to include a seamless capacity enhancement and value add that guarantees successful and exemplary project execution. 
Our candid and informed opinion is that Office Trailer exemplifies the perfect equilibrium of customer satisfaction and strategic collaboration; and runs the gamut of project conceptualization, management, and delivery, in record time. They are demonstrably a hands-on and flexible solutions provider; and we enthusiastically recommend them to any organization that is interested in having their projects delivered with precise schedules, world-class quality, and on a reasonable budget.
Thank you.
Flexfinity Technologies